Just Write by Ashley

Client's Name


Project Scope

- Brand Strategy

- Photoshoot Direction

- Website Copywriting

- Website Design

- Showit Website Development

- E-Commerce Shop Design

- Shopify Integration

Project Timeline

7 Weeks

Brand Personality

Feminine, Fun, Lighthearted

About The Brand

Just Write by Ashley is a calligraphy and design studio based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Project Challenge

As a new business owner, Ashley was running her business through her social media accounts and word of mouth. As her business began to scale, she recognized the value of investing in a professional website and creative direction.

Ashley needed a website that showcased all of her calligraphy services and felt more professional than sending potential clients a price list PDF. She also needed guidance defining and mapping out user journey's for her multiple target audiences.

Ease-of-use and minimal upkeep were a priority to the client as her main focus was on the day-to-day operations of growing her business.

Project Results

We designed and developed a playful website that flaunts Ashley's bubbly personality. We incorporated several personal touch points throughout her website to help potential clients thoroughly get to know her before inquiring about custom calligraphy projects.

Incorporating an e-commerce shop via a Shopify integration means Ashley's new website is constantly selling her semi-custom items without requiring her to send individual invoices for each order. This adds convenience for JWBA clients and allows Ashley more time to focus on order fulfillment.

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A Deeper Perspective

Ashley wanted her website to clearly show that all of her lettering is created by hand. To emphasize this, we collabed with the client to include hand-drawn phrases and illustrations throughout her website's design which create an extra personal touch.

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From The Client

"I couldn't have tackled this project without the absolute hardest working rebrand & website designer out there, Domanique from The Rebrand Lab. She made everything so ME, so true to who I am and what I want my brand to convey about my services, and helped keep me grounded in knowing that everything would be okay. She is the BEST & I highly recommend anyone wanting to take the leap, to DO IT with Domanique. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone, cheered me on, and is a believer in all of her clients!"

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