Giovanna Oliva

Client's Name


Project Scope

- Brand Strategy

- Visual Identity Design

- Website Copywriting

- Website & Blog Design

- Showit Website Development

- Wordpress Blog Integration

Project Timeline

9 Weeks

Brand Personality

Artistic, Authentic, Relatable

About The Brand

Giovanna Oliva (Gigi) is a Pittsburgh-based documentary and lifestyle photographer.

Project Challenge

Gigi was running her business solely from her social media accounts prior to working with The Rebrand Lab. As a creative, she felt a bit hesitant to hand her brand over to a design agency in fear of not being involved in the creative process but she eventually understood the value in hiring professional help after realizing that her social media accounts were doing a poor job qualifying her leads.

She was attracting leads that were price shopping between photographers and looking for deals instead of valuing her work and years of experience. These were not her ideal clients.

Gigi also needed a website with a backend that could help streamline her client inquiry and onboarding processes to take some of the heavy lifting from her and leave her more time to focus on her client shoots.

Project Results

We developed a moody visual identity that feels like a seamless extension of Gigi's signature photography style. The authentic and relatable brand voice we developed helps Gigi effortlessly market her photography services as an extension of her in-person personality.

The end result of this project is a 360° brand that not only fits the bill aesthetically but also has the backend to scale with Gigi's business for years to come.

Since rebranding, Gigi receives double the amount of inquiries each month and now has a consistent stream of qualified leads that value her and her work without trying to price shop her.

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A Deeper Perspective

We incorporated several personal touchpoints throughout Gigi's new website to help potential clients thoroughly get to know her before inquiring. This has helped Gigi attract dream clients that feel aligned to both her personal values and her photography style.

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From The Client

"I honestly don’t even know where to begin with how talented Domanique is. When we started this project, i had no idea how to communicate my vision to her but i knew i wanted it to look a specific way. And i knew i wanted it to feel like me. Domanique spent months helping me put this together and figure out what i wanted. We are very similar in the fact that we both enjoy cultivating relationships through our work to better understand and portray our subject and that was my favorite part of working with her. She genuinely took the time to get to know me. Not just on a business level, but as a friend. She thought of ideas for this website that I never could have come up with on my own. And she made everything so easy and effortless. I will forever be grateful for the time, effort, and intention that she put into this. My favorite part of being apart of the creative industry is the friendships you build through the work that you do. Not only did i end up with an incredible website, but i got a friend out of it as well. If you’re looking to elevate your business with a website you absolutely need to check out The Rebrand Lab."

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